Is Best Buy the Place for You?

Is Best Buy the Place for You?

By Simon Matthews

Best Buy, a $50 billion per year company with 180,000 employees, continually hires new workers to staff available positions around the globe. Chances are the Best Buy needs new associates at its established and new stores. Best Buy applicants must be at least 16 to be considered for available employment opportunities. Best Buy positions available include the following:

� Cashier – Best Buy cashiers must operate a register and assist customers in a friendly and professional manner. Cashier duties may include storefront cleaning, organization and stocking of point of sale displays, and various other duties. Cashiers at Best Buy typically earn pay slightly above the minimum wage but could earn as much as $10 per hour depending on location and experience.

Sales Associate – Best Buy sales associates typically work in one of the varied departments such stores possess. If you enjoy retail sales and possess knowledge on subjects like videogames, computers, and home appliances, a Best Buy sales associate position may be perfect for you. Best Buy sales associates assist customers with questions, concerns, and set-up. Sales associates at Best Buy typically earn wages between minimum and $10 per hour depending on experience, location and time with the company.

� Geek Squad – Best Buy Geek Squad associates assist customers with the set-up and repair of computers and related devices. Geek Squad employees typically need extensive knowledge of the inner operations of computer related products and computer operating systems. Best Buy Geek Squad associates generally earn $10 to $20 per hour depending on location, position, and job duties.

� Management – Best Buy management positions include store managers and department supervisors. Managerial duties include daily store operations, scheduling, hiring, disciplining, banking, and communicating with the corporate offices. Best Buy managers earn salaries between $35,000 and $75,000 per year.

Best Buy employees enjoy the fast-paced environment, store discount, and flexible hours of employment with one of the largest technology retail sales companies around. Eligible employees may qualify for work benefits including full healthcare, paid time off, 401(k) retirement plans, and much more.

If you enjoy assisting customers with technology related questions, a position at Best Buy may be perfect for you. The Best Buy application process is available online. Apply online with Best Buy to begin a rewarding career in technology retail sales today.

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