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Top 5 Companies Hiring For The Upcoming Season

The economy is asking for the creation of new jobs and many different companies are getting ready to create and offer them.  Teenagers everywhere are going to be needing jobs to be able to fulfill some of the wants and needs that they will have this upcoming holiday season.  Just like adults, teenagers will have the need to go out and earn money during this time as well as take care of their own needs.  These include cell phone bills, any new electronics equipment, and of course gifts.  Applying for a job should not cost anyone anything, in fact the process is free.  I will provide you with many free online job opportunities right here on this site.  These are all sites that I respect and have a complete trust that they will serve those that are looking to gain employment with just that, employment opportunities.  Fill out our free online job application today!

Many of the unemployed are content with getting any kind of job so long as the job provides competitive wages, and a few perks here and there.  Teenagers as well as young adults will be competing for the same jobs as this rivalry has been going on for some time now.  Adults need to supplement their day jobs with another part-time or even a second full time job in the evenings, and teenagers need the jobs to help parents with their own expenses.  More and more adults find themselves needing more than one job to get by and pay all of their bills.  So now that we all understand why these jobs will be so sought after, let us answer a few more questions.

What are the companies that are creating new jobs for many of the unemployed?

There are quite a few companies that will be supplementing their employee count by a few hundred employees, and even though these numbers are just estimates, I would commence filling out the online application process for these for now.  Remember these numbers are estimates, and the information is gathered from the CBS morning show.  Here are the estimated numbers.

  • Macy’s retail stores (approximately 500 employees)
  • Walmart hiring center (approximately 800 employees)
  • Toys R Us online job application (approximately 400 employees)
  • Best Buy online job application (approximately unknown)

The holidays are without a doubt the funnest times for consumers but also the most tiring of times for employees, long hours, 7 days a week non stop retail action, but it also happens to be the best time for you to show an employer what you are made of, and most of the time a seasonal job can turn into a permanent part-time or full time job. To think it can all start with a Best Buy application, Wow!  Get your free job application today and get to work!

Jobs For 16 Year Olds – Best Job Resume and Interview Hints For Sixteen

Jobs For 16 Year Olds – Best Job Resume and Interview Hints For Sixteen

By Mischelle Watkins

When you are 16-years-old, you are not such a kid anymore and you may be less interested in spending your spare time playing outside with your childhood friends (even though that’s what we would all like to do – no matter our age). However, 16-years-old is the right time for you to earn some money with jobs for 16-year-olds.

There are several reasons why you would take on a part time job. If you do not come from a wealthy family, these jobs for 16 years old would be very beneficial to help your parents to help buy the things you like and want (“wants,” as my mom reminded me when I was 16).

On the other hand, if your parents can afford to give you more, then these teen jobs would just help you buy things you wanted to have without asking your parents for them. Say for instance there is a book that you want to read or a school supply you really would like to have – an video game, phone, iPod, CD Player, etc. The money you earn from these part time jobs would help pay for any of these.

At this age, you are considered by most adults to be a bit more savvy than your younger peers. The expectation for you might be higher, so when you go into a business, looking for a job, or asking for an application bring these things with you:

– Good attitude

– Clean appearance – neat and tidy with fresh breath and clean face (fingernails, hands, clothes, please use deodorant if you need it).

– A resume (even if your jobs are limited they show reliability and dependability and motivation)

– A list of three references with phone numbers and email (if available) contact information.

– Good English – and look a potential boss in the eye-not at your hands and feet. It will earn you high marks for respect. Answer in full sentences, not just, “Yeah,’ and “no”

– Take a minute to think about what skills you have that compliment a particular business – for instance if you spent last summer walking dogs then you can say that you are good at organization and prioritization, can work independently and don’t need a lot of supervision once you have been given a task and had it explained to you.

– Turn OFF your cell phone. No exceptions. Once it rings you are fired – and you were only interviewing.

If you need to write a resume and don’t know how to write one, use this sample for yourself: Keep it plain and simple – watch for typo errors and grammar errors and have someone else proof read it for you. I used to read 200 of these a day and if these simple rules were ignored, then I quickly filed that resume in the garbage can.



Gale B. Smith

1234 A Street

Anytown, USA

Phone: 123-456-7899

email: i wanta job(at)

AGE: 16-years-old


Data entry on PC

Team Orientated


Cash Register Experience

Good With People

JOBS I WANT: I am looking for an opportunity to work in a retail store so that I can improve my skills. I will also consider other available opportunities that will fit into my school schedule coming up.


1) Summer 2009, Walk-A-Thon Program Leader, Portland, Oregon

– I organized a group of 20 to walk a 20 mile walk for a charity in our local area.

– Coordination of 20 people with email, phone, in-person contact, meetings and updates

– Follow-through of solicitation of contributions for over $2000.

– Designation of leader of tHe year from fellow Walk-A-Thon members

2) Summer 2008, Dog Walker, Portland, Oregon

– Creation of poster and ad campaign for services in local and surrounding neighborhood

– Door to door sales

– Management of ten customers for daily walks of 13 dogs five days a week

– Friendly customer relations

– Risk management and safety Measures were initiated

– Coordination of schedules, alarms, pets, treats, and people

3) Summer 2007, Lawn Mower, Leaf Raker and Hedge Trimmer-Weed Puller

– Monitored, recommended, lawn ideas for customers

– Managed time effectively

– Team Player

– Creative, Problem-solving Thinker

– Improved community appearance


1) Mary Smith (Neighbor and Customer)

1235 Anywhere Street

Anytown, USA


mary (at)

2) John Jones (Former Coach)

1122 Anywhere Street

Anytown, USA



3) Mr. Joe Calabria (Teacher)

1212 Anywhere Street

Anywhere, USA